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This is the home of Scott Robert Scheller, Urban Fantasy author, specializing in all things psychic.

My first book, HAUNTED TREE, is now available in either Trade Paperback or for the Kindle reader. Don't have a kindle? Not a problem, because Amazon offers free Kindle reading apps for most major smartphones, tablets and computers.

So, what's HAUNTED TREE all about? Here's a taste:

Times were hard for Marc:
Too much cold, not enough food and a once good friend had turned against him. Then his life grew even more complicated as magic invaded his world. Little did he know that discovering the Haunted Tree would change him in ways he could not imagine. Under the tutelage of the mysterious wizard Oren, Marc, and his lifelong friend, Valeria, found themselves on the path to learning the greatest secret of magic. But this journey would come at a price. Together they struggle to not only discover and fulfill their destinies, but to also survive the evil that wants them dead, all within the shadow of the Haunted Tree.

Interested? Read the first 10% of HAUNTED TREE here for free.

If you like what you've read so far, go ahead and buy it, risk free. That's the best part about Kindle books: If you don't like them, return them within 7 days for a full refund. Try that with a paper book!

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